List of notable projects

  • 2024 - Django starter - Tired of writing the same code? Use this repo to start your Django projects
  • 2023 - Rights app - Django web app that dedicated for managing user's access rights
  • 2023 - Lifeapi - Django web app for tracking metrics about your day
  • 2023 - Skelbiult - Clone of a popular Lithuanian with html/css/js during "Code Academy" course
  • 2022 - PKC barcode checker - VBA (Visual basic) app for controlling barcode scan sequence
  • 2022 - PKC Inventorization - Microsoft Power app for IT equipment inventorization
  • 2022 - PKC Python data cleaner- Middleman between excel and internal software
  • 2022 - PKC company wiki - IT department wiki build with Emacs and Org-Roam
  • 2021 - Iv backupos - Automatically backuping client websites with python and selenium
  • 2022 - DPD Crud django app - A Django web app for daily logging of courier related things
  • 2022 - Facebook automation with Django - Django web app that posts to facebook groups while you sleep
  • 2022 - Smutifruti e shop - E-shop for powdered smoothies
  • 2021 - Julija consulting - A representative website for a food industry consultant
  • 2021 - Obelsdumas - E-shop for home-made Lithuanian meat products

Why hire me?

I have many great relationships with all of my clients. I prioritise maintaining open and clear communication, and offer not only technical expertise but also a business oriented mindset. Every decision is made through a lens of achieving results that impact the business.

If you'd like to work with me, feel free to contact me.