My Programming Journey

Figure 1: It all started here, in Bali, 2020 :)

Professional timeline

  • 2024 - My first promotion. I am no longer a junior developer :) 2024 01 statusupdate - first month as developer. 2024 02 statusupdate - fighting with django admin.
  • 2023 - Got my first actual programming job in a bank. Invented and developed an access management app called "Rights app". 2023 12 status update - changing teams internally.
  • 2023 - Finished an immersive, 9 month "Code Academy" Python course. Tired of running through the factory, fixing printer - want to program full time.
  • 2022 - Got my first job in IT sector! IT Technician in a wire factory in my home town Panevezys. Built python data cleaner, Vba barcode checker, Inventorization power app. 2022 07 status update.
  • 2021 - Working as a self employed web dev. Primarily doing web development, building Ecommerce sites with WordPress (Obelsdumas e shop, Smutifruti e shop, Julija consulting…). Eventually realizing that wordpress builders are not for me. Started working with Django. Got hooked on Emacs, knew right away that this is the editor for me.
  • 2021 Going all in with programming. Starting to learn programming with Machine learning course on Coursera. Doing code in place python project. Switching from Windows to Linux. Trying to find the best code editor.. trying out VIM and loving it. So many shortcuts - I can jump though things swiftly. Feels like Revit or some kind of video game(World of Warcraft). 2021 05 statusupdate.
  • 2021 - Coronavirus and empty pockets led me back to my home country Lithuania, where I have been living happily since
  • 2020 - Quarantine in Bali, I am lying in bed. Realizing that I would really like to have a job I can do remotely from anywhere. I was a computer guy my whole life, playing mostly, but also fixing minor problems.. Never calling an IT guy to fix something - always doing it myself.
  • 2019 - I didn't find ATCM occupation exciting anymore so I started travelling the world for the next 2 years out of my savings
  • 2018 - Did photography, mostly landscape photography
  • 2017 - Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architectural Technology Construction Management(ATCM) in a university in northern Denmark, Aalborg